Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's a Hoedown!

This summer our church had a hoedown.  It was lots of fun.  Some members of our ward (church group) hosted it on their beautiful ranch, so there was lots of room for all.  The best part (well besides the food!), was seeing all the kids dressed up in cowboy/girl attire!  I usually keep these posts for our family blog, but I couldn't help but share some picts of my cute kiddos being cowboys (, actually very openly, my boys, especially Marvel, want to be cowboys REAL bad!)!

Marvel considers himself a "real" cowboy.  I think he'd be a great one!  Now if only I could some how acquire a cattle ranch somewhere for him to roam...He was really mad at me this day because he doesn't have a proper pair of boots anymore.  His were warn so much they started falling apart.  Plus they don't fit anymore, so he had to pass them down to Captain America.

If there would have been an award for cutest cowboy ever, Captain America definitely would have won!  He insisted he wear his spurs and sheriff's badge, just like Woody!  He's just so stinkin' cute! 

Farmer Monkey gave Captain America and Marvel a run for their money!  I love the shirt he's wearing...all 3 of my boys have worn it.  It was my brother's when he was a baby...true vintage :-)

There were a bunch of new babies born just in time for us to see them!

Just look at these red-headed beauties!

And we found a bird's nest in the horse stables!
The food was great!  There was this professional barbeque guy who grilled up a whole pig, not to mention some tritip, shrimp, ribs, and sausage!

Check out his stache! 
How can you not trust his food will be anything short of amazing?

I wonder what kind of products he uses for that.  Simply amazing!

We all enjoyed the food...

...but nobody enjoyed it more than Lil' Monkey! 

He ate lots and lots of corn on the cob...

...donut pops...

...and lots and lots of watermelon!  In fact he even threw his donut pop over his shoulder (literally) for a new piece of fresh, juicy red watermelon!

And there was a dessert bake-off, which warranted some fabulously tasty treats.

We lost Captain America for a bit to the tractor ride...he rode it twice (and it was a LONG ride)!

The big boys participated in all the fun games...

2-Legged races,...

...Potato Sack races,...

...the little kids went first.  They were fun to watch.  
None of them really knew what the heck they were doing!

Most of them just sat there for a bit until they finally figured out why all the adults were hollering at them!

The bigger kids did a lot better.

Come on Marvel, you can do it!

Then there was the water balloon fight...they filled over 2000 balloons!
(Note to all who think this is a good idea, don't forget somehow all of those 2000 balloons have to be picked up!)

They let the little kids do a little run through before the more serious fighters entered the arena.
Again, none of them really got the idea of it, which was probably better that way.

Cuz everyone knows that its all fun and games until the Cap' gets wet!

Our little Monkey just made himself all cozy in the dirt and enjoyed his watermelon.
He was quite at home.  At one point he was laying down, rolling around in it.
Quite lovely...

Until next year, y'all!

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