Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Festival

Living in the Central Coast of California, I really couldn't name my favorite season.  It is beautiful here literally all year long!

I love winter here, because while its snowy and freezing everywhere else, its absolutely gorgeous here {I've done the snow thing and I hate living in it!}.  There are chilly days, there are warm beach days.  The warm beach days are awesome because there aren't any tourists, so we have the beaches all to ourselves!

Spring is a no brainer.  Everything is blooming and green and beautiful.

Summer brings lots and lots of sunshine {we rarely get the real HOT 100+° generally fluctuates between 75-85 degrees}, which means lots of the beach, park, hikes, adventuring, travel...

What I love about Fall are the colorful leaves, the bare trees, the rain, the sunshine {we have some of our hottest days of the year in the fall}, eating soup, picking apples, going to the pumpkin patch, and...


We've gone every year since we found out about it {about 4 years now} and we love it!
They have some festivities Friday night, but we some how never make it to that.
Saturday morning starts off with a parade.

We got there a little late, so we missed 1/2 of the parade...

...but we managed to get our favorite spot at the end of the parade route!

Guess who was sitting right next to us?
Why good ol' Abe Lincoln!
Marvel was VERY excited.
He said, "Look, its Abraham Lincoln, the penny president!"

My brother and his family, as well as my sister and her boyfriend were in town, so they {along with my parents and baby sis} joined us following the parade.

Its nice to have my parents live so close where we can see them often.
It had been a while since we'd seen my mom...Monkey REALLY missed her!

Following a little chit-chat, we were off to celebrate the harvest!
Of COURSE we had to check out the police hummer!

Then we were off to play games!
First off the Cow Pie toss.
Cap was struggling a bit on this one...

...but NOT Cousin R...she nailed every one!

The Boy Scouts' Nerf Crossbows are Marvel's favorite EVERY year!
And he's pretty good at the too!
Grand Pa {yes, that's how we say it lol} helped Cap out. I think he was enjoying shooting more than Cap!

Marvel was stoked {do people still use that word?} to get these purple Dracula teeth!

The kids each took a turn to see how strong they were.
Marvel & Cousin K did great!

Cousin R did the best of them all!
Cap kept missing the mark...didn't know his own strength I Music Man stepped in to help.

Cap finally found a game he could nail!

The kids spent some time in jail...

...then took the next coach out of town!

Next stop: the ferris wheel!
{gotta love the cousinly love!}

Marvel and Cousin K stepped up first in the green cage.
Then the Captain and Princess R...I think they had the most fun!

The Big Ditch Derby is always Music Man and Marvels' absolute favorite part of the Harvest Festival. 
Every year they vow that they will build a derby car together and enter the race the next year. 
And every year they don't build a car and they don't enter. 
But they sure do have fun watching!

In the middle of all of the festivities, they open up the Heritage Museum.
They have lots of train sets {which was by far Grand Pa's favorite!}...

...and guns.  Lots of guns.  And knives too.
Believe me when I say Marvel and Cousin K had just about died and gone to heaven when they spotted this display of old vintage weapons.  Just look at their faces as they watch the cowboy tell them all about the guns!

What a FUN day.  Harvest Festival, you never disappoint!
Phew, that was a LOOOOOONG post.

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