Monday, October 17, 2011


Every morning as part of Group Time, we read scriptures as a family.  This year since we are studying Ancient history, we decided to start at the beginning and read from the Old Testament.  To be perfectly honest, I've never read straight through it.  I learned about it in early morning seminary at church during high school.  And I took a class in college on it.  But I never really read straight through.

Each morning during scripture time, we read from the Old Testament, then Marvel and Captain make a notebook page on what we read.  They start by telling me what they remember from our reading {sometimes this warrants some hints}, which I write down for them.  Under their explanation of the chapter(s) they draw a picture to illustrate it.  This all gets pretty interesting at times, especially the narrations!

The first week of school we started at the beginning with Genesis, so we covered the Creation.  I don't always do an activity for everything that we read, but I happened to have this pocket chart from last year {we did a science unit using the creation...we did a little mini unit on each day.  I.e. when God created the sky and seas, we learned about the Water Cycle and the weather}.

After we read about the Creation, I quized the boys by having them put the events in the right order.  I happily surprised to see that Marvel knew every single one!
I guess he learned something after all!

Even Monkey wanted to get in on the action!

Marvel was really into his drawings.

Cap wanted to make sure he drew the right thing for each one.
He kept leaning to Marvel and asking what he should draw next.

Here's Captain's 7 Days of Creation:

My favorite part of the day was when Cap excitedly showed Marvel his picture and Marvel pointed out all of his favorite things. :-) {Please ignore the fact that Captain America is posing as Captain Underpants in this picture}

While the big boys drew their pictures, Monkey quietly sat and read books.
He didn't even notice me taking is picture!

Ok, guess he did.
What a cute baby!

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