Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Code Name Kids

After much deliberation, I've decided I should probably use code names for the fam.  Its not like I'm gonna make it big in the blogging world or anything.  I just figure its my choice to blog and not my families, so I should do what I can to protect them.

My boys helped me pick them, so don't judge...they were chosen by an 8 & 4-year old!

So for your reference, here's our new code names

My husband - Music Man -Seeing as music is his passion and profession, it only seemed fitting.

Baby Boy #1 - Marvel - He's seriously an expert in all things Marvel Comics....annnnd a little obsessed.

Baby Boy #2 - Captain America - As of right now, this kid lives and dies for Captain America.  The other choice was Woody...his other obsession is with Toy Story!

Baby Boy #3 - Monkey - This baby is a MONKEY!  "Curly" would have worked too.  "Trouble" was my 1st choice, but Monkey's a little nicer.  He gets into everything!  And the kid CLIMBS!  It's a PERFECT fit for him!

And for me, they named me: Queen Bee - Not too shabby!  My boys know what's up!

Okay, so there you have it...our new found names!

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