Sunday, April 15, 2012

World Ag Expo (aka "the Farm Show")

Every year since I was pregnant with Marvel (that'd be 9 years running now), it has become a tradition of ours to attend the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA.  Its huge.  Its fun.  Its educational.   We like it a lot.  Music Man helps out in my dad's booth and since his family lives not too far from the event, we make a week of fun out of it.  Rain or shine we're there (and it rains a good majority of the time, which surprisingly, but quite understandable, rain is really good for business!  Means the farmers aren't out working.)

What is there to do at the Farm Show, you say?  Lots and lots.  Its like 2nd best to Disneyland in my boys' eyes.  We usually try to get as many cousins to come with us as we can.  Both Music Man's sisters live in town, so this year  9 of the 10 kids between them joined us.  So sporting 13 kids, 3 moms, and 1 dad (we were asked several times if Music Man was the father of all 13 children...aka, are you sister-wives?  Uh, NO!)

First off there are LOTS of BIG HUGE tires to climb in...

...and lots and lots of tractors to "drive." Let's just say Monkey was in HEAVEN!!

We got to spend the day with Music Man aka Daddy.  He's always good to have around at things like this since he likes to climb up in the tractors just as much as the kids!  (And yes, Music Man has been sporting a groovy stache since about Thanksgiving and quite proud of it!)

Some tractors were small...some were REALLY big!  We tried them all.

Sorry girls, no, this is NOT Justin Bieber!  He's a  MUCH better catch!

Of course we HAVE to take the traditional cousin photo in front of a big tractor scoop!

These two are so cute together.  Monkey really should have been the one with the leash!

We got to meet a giant 2 legged cow.  Monkey was NOT happy to see him!

The farm show is 3-day event, but because of all the rain, we waited until the last day to go.  One of the highlights of the day was watching all of the tractors pulling out on their way home.  It was a first for us, but I think we just might have to go the last day from now on!

Amongst all of the playing and fun and games and good food and company, I love that my children get to see the tools used to grow the food we eat and the cotton we wear.  They really do learn so much each and every time we go.

Until next year...

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