Sunday, April 29, 2012 April?

I'm a little late on this post.  Christmas was, well, months ago.  Better late then never?  For Christmas this year my dad hosted a party for some of his friends and clients.  Since Music Man works with my dad and the event was to be held in the building we live in, my mom and I were appointed to make all arrangements for food, decorations, invites, etc.  I really wish I would have taken better pictures, but seeing as I am greatly lacking in the camera department and we were too busy getting things ready to remember to take decent picts.  So this is all we got.

Here's kind of an aerial view of the room.

The table decor.  The centerpieces are vases filled with cranberries and glittery (snowy) branches.

This does not do it justice at all, but this glittery/snowy branch was so pretty (take my word for it!).

The food (you can't really see the bar is filled with desserts and such.

 The favors...some really tastey toffee!

The dessert bar (all the cookies and candies were white).

Hot chocolate bar (regular and sugar free for the diabetics in the room...there was also hot cider).

The fixin's for the hot chocolate bar.

The entertainment :-) (You might not recognize Music Man on the left with the bushy stache and all.  My dad is on the right)

Until next year...

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