Sunday, April 29, 2012

Horseback Riding

I'm so behind in posting.  There's so much I want to share, but can't ever seem to get myself to do it.  Well a while ago (like months and months ago...say, Novemberish), we were invited to a friend of a friend's horse ranch.  What a beautiful ranch and a really awesome girl who owns it.  She raises and trains horses.  I think she said she had 25 or so.  She invites kids over all the time to go riding.  Such a selfless human...she walks the horses with the kids on them for hours and hours and she even lets some of them ride them by themselves.  I was seriously so impressed by her!  A really cool lady!

Anyway, this was a life-changing event for Marvel.  He's wanted to be a "real" cowboy since, well, he could walk.  He got a pair of "real" cowboy boots when he was 5 and has been determined to own a cattle ranch ever since.  The only problem is other than the outfit, he has absolutely no experience in being a cowboy.  This was his jump start!

He started out meeting the mini-horse (I learned that there is a difference between a mini-horse and a pony, although I couldn't tell you what that difference is).  

Then he tried her out.  Easy peasy!

He quickly moved onto the big horse.  He was guided at first...

...and in no time, he was taking the reins and riding all by himself!!!  Marvel was SO proud of himself (and I've got to say I was a proud mama on the side!).

Next it was Captain America's turn.

Forget the mini-horse, Cap. was on to the big dog straight away!

One ride was good enough for him, though.
He decided checking out the babies was more up his alley.

Monkey wasn't so sure about the horses.  Up close was NOT for him!

This is a MUCH safer distance!

It was such a fun day.  We can't wait to go back again!

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