Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This past weekend we went for a visit to my in-laws property.  My boys LOVE it there!  I must extra emphasize the "LOVE!"  They'd move there in a heart beat if we let them.  Part of the allure is having cousins running around with them.  But occasionally there aren't any cousins to play with and the boys need the extra push to find something to do. 

I made some scavenger hunt cards for school a while back, but hadn't used them yet.  I wasn't sure how long we were staying, so I brought a couple of our homeschooling things with us...these scavenger hunt cards were included.
 (click on picture to make it better for download)

The boys loved them.  Not quite as much as they LOVE their grandparents house (that's hard to beat!), but nonetheless they were a hit.

It was fun watching them work alone...

and work together.

(yes, I know, my kids are dressed quite scruffy, but that's how we roll out here on the property...they get so dirty, its not worth bringing nice clothes!)

When they were done, they brought me their cards.

Good job, guys!


  1. Thank you for making these scavenger hunt cards - we'll be using them quite a bit this summer!

  2. These were perfect for my preschoolers (non-readers!) And they were things we could find at any park at any time of the year! Perfect activitiy, thanks for the printable!!

  3. Hi I clicked on the picture to print out but it is so little, I was wondering if you had another way of downloading the scavenger hunt list or even possibly emailing me please? I love it and there are 7 kids going camping this weekend and thought it would be great.
    Thank you