Monday, September 5, 2011

Borders Deals

One of our favorite family non-outdoors activities is going to Borders.  They have the best Bargain section!  My sister informed me that no one actually ever gets anything good from the Bargains section because all they have are cookbooks and history and children's books.  Um, aren't those the best ones?  We decided my family is probably the only ones who benefit from these bargains, which I have absolutely no problem with.  More for us, right?  

Borders is going out of business...I'm SO sad!  Somewhere in the midst of my pity party I found my way down to our local store and found some incredible deals.  I spent an hour and 1/2 with my poor baby who had just visited the doctor for his 15 mos shots, digging through what was left of the store.  When my baby was finally at his wits end, and I was at my wits end with him, I made my way to the long check out line, waited for 15 minutes, only to find out when I got to the front that they don't take checks.  Uh, SO frustrating!  Normally I wouldn't care.  I'm SO not a check writer (don't worry, I'm not one of THOSE people that holds up the line), but our debit card was hacked into, so we had to cancel it and wait for another to come in the mail and of course that had to happen the week I went into to Borders.  So I had to let all of my good deals go and walk out of the store empty handed.  

The next day I visited the bank and got cash before I headed back to the store.  To my shock, amazement, and wonder, ALL of my books were still there (guess my sisters right, maybe people really don't want my books...yay!), plus a few new ones.  So here's what I got (there's 2 books missing from the picture-couldn't pry them away from my kids to take the picture):

So sad Borders is closing, but so happy for my fabulous finds!  I just got an email saying they only have 10 more days left, so I'll be heading down there at least once more...make sure you do too!

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