Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cataloging Your Home Library

My family loves books.  My husband loves to read.  My kids love to read (well be read to and look at pictures).  I like to read (you got that right, I didn't say LOVE & that was on purpose).  I have an incredibly soft spot for old classics and children's books.  If I have money and a good book in front of me, its VERY hard for me to resist (even harder for my husband to resist)!  So we've got a good little library growing, which I love.  The only problem is now that its getting bigger, I know that I have books, I just don't know how to find or organize them.  I might need a book on a certain subject, but I don't know what I have, then a month after I needed them, they all pop up.  Quite frustrating.

So today (just like 1/2 hour ago actually...I'm really excited about it!) I came across this really cool site.  Its called Delicious Monster.  I always seem to be a little behind the times, so you've probably heard of it or something like it, but I haven't.  You simply hold the barcode on your book up to the web cam, the program scans it, recognizes it, and catalogs it!  Its as easy as that!  It does DVDs and CDs, too, as well as all of your digital media (digital books, movies, iTunes, etc).  Once I have all of my library cataloged, I can go back and search by subject, title, author and know just what I have.  Im so excited about this!  And my kids think its so cool so zi can actually get them to do all the scanning for me...moo-wa-ha-ha!

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