Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011/2012 Curriculum: Preschool

Last year I dabbled here and there with a few things for my preschooler.  All summer he's been begging me to "do school" with him and since he only has 1 more year left until kindergarten, I thought I should do just that.  I'm really taking advantage of his enthusiasm to learn, so hopefully it'll keep up throughout the school year!

Language Arts

Preschool Boot Camp - My mom gave this to my preschooler and he LOVES it!  It teaches pre-reading fundamentals & motor skills (tracing, letter copying, etc) and his an ABC workbook, dry-erase mats, an ABC puzzle, & ABC Bingo.

  • Phonics Pathways - I may or may not use this this year.  I haven't decided yet.
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - I'll be using this as an introductory unit to the alphabet.  Then he'll learn about a letter a week.
  • Alphabet flashcards - Found these at the dollar store ages ago when my oldest was a toddler.  I laminated them so they'd last longer.
  • A+ Alphabet Bingo - found in the $1 section at Target.
  • Magnet Letters
  • A+ Alphabet Puzzle Pairs - Also found in Target's $1 bins!
  • Starfall
  • Scrabble Apple - This is great for all ages!  My preschooler likes to sort the letters and my older son likes to do his spelling with them.
  • Spelling Fun Wooden Puzzle
  • Magnetic Learning Let's Learn Our First Words (Priddy Books)
  • Super Why! The Power to Read Software - Our preschooler LOVES Super Why (in fact he was Alpha Pig & our baby was Super Why for Halloween this last year!), which has really gotten him excited about the alphabet, reading, and spelling.  Our family likes the Alpha Pig ABC song much better then the traditional one! :-)

We'll be doing science alongside his brother (just more at his level), so many of the resources are the same.

History will also be done alongside his brother, so we'll be using much of the same books here too.

Art & Music
Not quite sure what we're going to use here yet.  He'll be learning about instruments and we'll be doing a lot of singing and listening to classical music.  But may or may not be learning art/music history just yet.  We'll see what his brother ends up doing in school.
    PE & Health
    We'll be getting a family pool pass, as well as learning about the food guide pyramid & healthy eating.  

    • DK (Let's Explore Science) Me and My Body - We found this used bookstore in the mall that everything is $1.  You really have to dig through it, but they've got some cool stuff.  I really had to set a limit for myself and the kids!
    In addition to the above items, I plan on doing some mini units as well.

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