Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome, Welcome!

I'm kinda granola.  I admit it.  And kinda proud of it.  What's "kinda" about being granola?  Well I love nature, but don't like to rough it.  I like to eat healthy, but enjoy my sweets.  I recycle, but sometimes throw it in the trash.  I garden, but spray Miracle Grow on it occasionally.  I love to cook, but I enjoy eating out.  I'm a mama, but only to boys.  I use cloth diapers only when I'm at home.  I homeschool 3 days a week and send my kid to school the other 2.  I am a little bit right wing and I'm a little bit left wing.  I'm religious, but not a fanatic.  I don't wear make-up, but I can't live without deodorant.  I'm frugal, but not much of an extreme couponer.  I'm a little of this and a little of that...I'm not a fence sitter, I AM true to myself and others...I'm just kinda granola!

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